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One thing that separates Tezlom from our competitors is that we truly care about people. We invest time and effort into our people, recognising that every individual requires something different in order to develop and succeed...

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Our first brand pillar is Transparency, whether that’s with our staff, franchisees or candidates...

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Are you a Care Assistant, Support Worker or Registered Nurse living in the Liverpool area and you're interested in joining the Tezlom™ family? 

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Loyalty is a value that we hold close to our hearts. The very fabric of the Tezlom™ brand is built on family, and this is a core value that we hardwire into everyone across the business, whether they are an employee or a customer...

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Tezlom firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance and this is a core mantra that we adopt every day. We understand that everyone should be treated in an equal and fair way, free from prejudice and preference, regardless of circumstance...

It's Important to Care
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At Tezlom we pride ourselves on our supportive nature, always offering a helping hand where we can just to make someones life that little bit easier...